TSC Royal 78 Kaisermühlen



April 23rd, 2018:
The Tournament is done, we hope everybody enjoyed the weekend as much as we did! Thanks to everybody who made this an unforgettable weekend!!! The results are already online!

March 27th, 2018:
On Saturday Evening there will be a DJ at the venue, making good music for all of us after the tournament! There will be a big Barbecue too. So stay at the Venue, enjoy the Music, enjoy the great company and enjoy the view of Vienna!

February 17th, 2018:
We start the regulary updating of our tournament homepage. In the section participants you can find a first list of starters. We hope for more registrations in the next weeks.


TSC Royal 78 Kaisermühlen
Bellegardegasse 31  •  1220 Vienna
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